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Introducing Nyxe

New year, new band. Head over to Nyxe Music for the continued adventures of your favorite space witch. Love and stardust.

Of Metalalia and Moons

Can’t believe I finally get to say this…

Seriously. Click here to go to the app store and get Metalalia.

It’s been over a year now since we started working in earnest on our little musical storytelling app and now it’s finally REAL. We just started in on web development and opened our library up to submissions, so I am utterly thrilled to see where this next year takes us. I still can’t believe that I get to score magical fairytales written by my partner Alex. Someone pinch me.

I have also been hard at work on my new album of space witch songs. It is starting to take shape now with my beloved engineer David behind the mixing board and I am lost in a world of sound each time I put on my headphones. It all started with this one song, Never Lost, that took shape in my head last year. It’s been a journey through some tangled electrical wires and the messy corners of my mind but there is a light at the end of every tunnel.

I Put A Spell On You

Because you’re mine.

Everything In It’s Right Place

This year has been a whirlwind and I am still in the eye of the storm. It’s the last push, the finishing touches that are always the most challenging for me. It’s when I am approving final mixes that I want to run around my room and take in any shiny distraction. I read Mrs. Dalloway and sip tea instead of updating iTunes Connect for Metalalia. I look at vintage shoes I will never buy instead of making sure the BPM’s match on my latest song for Blame It On The Moon. Why do we sometimes procrastinate doing the things we love most?

Sneaky previews of the projects I promise I will finish (just give me 5 more minutes).

Never Lost: The first single from the upcoming album Blame It On The Moon

The Hair Woven Rope: The first page of the debut story to be released on Metalalia, the brand new multimedia publishing platform coming to an iOS device near you.


Sometimes, I have ideas that are bigger than my wallet and I want to see them come to life.

There are a few lucky artists out there who seem to have endless casks of money. Perhaps this is all smoke and mirrors because so far I have not met a single one of them. Each of us finds money in our own way but I don’t think that money should be the arbiter of who gets to make art. I am turning to crowd-funding now because I have an idea that is bigger than myself, bigger than my bank account, and bigger than I can handle. That is why I am turning to crowd-funding. I want this project to be huge. I want to engage each and every person who invests in this work and make it theirs just as much as mine.

Why would you support me? Why would you support any artist? I know that I support other artists because they expand the world around me. My fellow artists inspire me with their courage and ingenuity. Even when I do not actively enjoy another artist’s work, I am happier to live in a world where at least it is created. How could I not feel compelled to be a part of creation? How could you ever resist the pull of a new idea?

My project is called Metalalia and it is an immersive story telling experience featuring re-imagined fairytales alongside original music and art. It’s aim is to tell stories that do justice to those who may not have been protagonists in the past and use all of the tools we have at our disposal to tell a good tale. I am working with a fantastic author and a team of visual artists to bring these stories to life. Sound good? You can support Metalalia by clicking here. Thank you a million times, thank!

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